Automated Flashing Tool

Wireless Workshop - Automated Flashing Tool

Experience fast and reliable flashing with Wireless Workshop's Automated Flashing Tool. It's so easy that anyone can become a flashing genius in minutes.

Just select the original carrier, manufacturer, model, new carrier and full or basic flash. Follow the simple onscreen instructions, connect to the phone, enter the MDN, MIN, SID and click Flash. Done! You are now a flashing genius! And, we are always here to help you if needed.

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Apple Flashing Tool

Wireless Workshop - Apple Flashing Tool

Wireless Workshop's Apple Flashing Tool has been designed to be reliable and easy to use. It's so easy that anyone can now flash iPhones and iPads in just a few minutes.

Full Flashing for iPhone and iPads has never been easier. Just follow the simple step by step instructions and you will be full flashed in no time. Wireless Workshop's tool has been designed to provide superior speed and reliability.

iPhone 4 and iPad 2 flashing supported even on iOS 7.1.2!

CDMA-GSM Unlocking Tool

Wireless Workshop - CDMA-GSM Unlocking Tool

Software unlock handsets with ease using Wireless Workshop's CDMA-GSM Unlocking Tool. Newer Samsungs and more can be unlocked to work with a CDMA RUIM or GSM SIM (domestic or international depending on the model) giving your customers the ultimate in carrier choice.

Advanced CDMA Tool

Wireless Workshop - Advanced CDMA Tool

Wireless Workshop's Advanced CDMA tool is designed for the experienced flashing professional to use in flash development, problem solving, resetting lock codes and flashing.

Often times you can run into a problematic phone that may have been improperly flashed by the “other guys” and you need to fix it for your customer. Or, maybe you want to learn more about the basics of flashing. Advanced CDMA Tool can help.

Android Workshop (Included with Advanced CDMA Tool)

Wireless Workshop - Android Workshop

Wireless Workshop's Android Workshop is a powerful tool used for android repair and advanced flashing. Fastboot commands, factory resetting, special diag modes, direct loading of APK files, and other tools will prove useful to repair and flashing technicians alike. The built in screenviewer is very useful for accessing phones with bad screens. Also, many phones that have custom ROMs installed simply can't be flashed without the help of Android Workshop.

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Apple Workshop (Included with Advanced CDMA Tool)

Wireless Workshop - Android Workshop

Wireless Workshop's Apple Workshop is a powerful tool used for Apple iPhone 4 mods, reading, and flashing (flashing costs extra).

With Apple Workshop you can perform popular mods like disabling OTA updates. You can also read the NAM and other NV items from the iPhone 4 to aid in flash troubleshooting and development. For an additional fee, you can flash the iPhone 4 with your custom carrier settings and PRL.

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