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Increase your profits and productivity with Wireless Workshop. It's like having a flashing genius right in your store. Wireless Workshop is fast, reliable and easy to use.

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iPhone Flashing
Wireless Workshop introduces the fastest, most reliable iPhone flashing solution available anywhere. Wireless Workshop's iPhone flash enables Real 3G data and MMS even on iOS 7.1.2.

iPhone flashing made easy!
Real 3G on Every Flash
Wireless Workshop is the only flashing software that offers 3G data speeds on every flash. Your customers will appreciate the faster data speeds, improved picture messaging and YouTube performance.

Experience the Real 3G difference!

Pricing Information

Unlimited Flashing
(Includes Standard Flashes, EZ Donor, and iPhone 4)
$75 / month
Advanced CDMA Tool
(Includes Apple Workshop and Android Workshop)
$25 / month
Basic Flash
Full Flash
  • No setup fees!
  • Fast and easy to use!
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed!
  • Lifetime warranty on all flashes!
Support available 365 days a year
Industry leader with supported models

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  • Wireless Workshop gives me more time to run my business. Less stress and more profits.
  • All of my employees can flash phones now thanks to Wireless Workshop.
  • Customers like instant phone flashing. We now have an advantage over the competition!


@ Mar 09, 2015
Wireless Workshop is temporarily disabling some of the new flashes due to a technical issue. We are diligently working to resolve the issue. If you are affected, please contact our technical support chat. Thanks for your patience.
@ Feb 05, 2015
NEW FLASHES from Wireless Workshop!
US Cellular LG (US990) G3
Verizon Pre-Paid (SCH-I535PP) Galaxy SIII
Verizon Pre-Paid (ADR612PP) Desire
@ Dec 16, 2014
New Version 4.2
Added iPhone 6+ to Apple Workshop
Added SPC Support for Android 4.4.4 on LGs
Integrated SPC Tool into App Menu
New & Improved Driver Installer (Link on Web & App)
Updated the A-Key reading/writing in the Advanced CDMA Tool
@ Nov 12, 2014
New Version 4.1.4 - Added Support for iOS8.1 to Apple Workshop
Added iPhone 6 to Apple Workshop (beta)
Added A-Key reading/writing to Advanced CDMA Tool
@ Oct 31, 2014
New Version 4.1.3 - Removed the requirement for iTunes unless you are using Apple Workshop or Apple Flashing and made some other improvements. Added
Unlimited iPhone 5, 5c, 5s flashing is included in the $25/ month Advanced CDMA, Android Workshop & Apple Workshop subscription
Wireless Workshop : Fast, Reliable Phone Flashing. Flash to Cricket or Page Plus.
Wireless Workshop is #1 in New Model Support. Flash your phones to Cricket and Page Plus with the click of a button. Fast, Reliable Automated Flashing.
@ Oct 22, 2014
New Version 4.1.2 - Fixed iPhone 4 connectivity issue
We have some new and exciting stuff in the works... Coming Soon!
Unlimited iPhone 5, 5c, 5s flashing is included in the $25/ month Advanced CDMA, Android Workshop & Apple Workshop subscription