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Increase your profits and productivity with Wireless Workshop. It’s like having a flashing genius right in your store. Wireless Workshop is fast, reliable and easy to use.

Say hello to Wireless Workshop, leading the way into the future of flashing.
iPhone Flashing
Wireless Workshop introduces the fastest, most reliable iPhone flashing solution available anywhere. Wireless Workshop's iPhone flash enables Real 3G data and MMS even on iOS 7.

iPhone flashing made easy!
Real 3G on Every Flash
Wireless Workshop is the only flashing software that offers 3G data speeds on every flash. Your customers will appreciate the faster data speeds, improved picture messaging and YouTube performance.

Experience the Real 3G difference!

Pricing Information

Unlimited Flashing
(Includes iPhone 4)
$75 / month
Advanced CDMA Tool
(Includes Android Workshop)
$25 / month
Basic Flash
Full Flash
iPhone 4 Full Flash
  • No setup fees!
  • Fast and easy to use!
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed!
  • Lifetime warranty on all flashes!
Support available 365 days a year
Industry leader with supported models

Here's what some of our customers are saying…

  • Wireless Workshop gives me more time to run my business. Less stress and more profits.
  • All of my employees can flash phones now thanks to Wireless Workshop.
  • Customers like instant phone flashing. We now have an advantage over the competition!


@ Apr 11, 2014
Verizon Samsung Galaxy S5 (SM-G900V)
Another new Flash from Wireless Workshop!
(Sprint S5 coming soon...)
Unlimited Flashing $75/Month
@ Apr 11, 2014
New Models Added!
Sprint ZTE Vital (N9810)
USC LG Optimus F7 (US780)
Sprint LG Optimus F3(LS720)
@ Mar 20, 2014
Wireless Workshop supports iPhone 4 iOS7.1 Flashing! This is a tethered jailbreak, so make sure you set the proper expectations with your customers.
@ Mar 19, 2014
Flash the world's first curved & flexible smartphone with Wireless Workshop! Introducing the LG G Flex (LS995) from Sprint!
@ Mar 19, 2014
We've added some new flashes!
LG Optimus Zone - Verizon Prepaid
Samsung Galaxy Mega - Sprint
Samsung Galaxy Prevail 2 - Boost
Real 3G & Instant Chat Support
Fast, Reliable Flashing Made Easy!
Only $75/Month!
Our Supported Carriers
Page Plus Selectel Cricket nTelos Wireless MetroPCS Iusacell Mobi PCS Carolina West Wireless Lightyear Wireless BYO Wireless Budget Wireless